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Martial Arts in Durham Region.

Located in Oshawa, we are currently offering martial arts classes for beginners, and adults 18+.

Kids Group Class

Get your kids moving and learning to build character and confidence. Designed for fun and to keep kids engaged. Ages 4+

Adult Group Class

Learn how to strike and move no matter your skill level, we are working towards a higher level of comfort in all situations. Ages 18+

Beginner Group Class

Start your journey by learning how to move and build your foundations within a safe environment. Ages 8+

COVID-19  Class Update

Martial Arts Durham is currently accepting student sign-ups and will be running classes after the Ontraio lockdown if over. Class sizes will be limited until all 3 phases of lockdown are over, sign up now and reserve your spot! Find out more about our programs here.

Our Martial Arts Philosophy.

Build your “self.” Ninjutsu is a way to build your self-confidence, self-defence, self-control and much more. All the personal skills we often crave, These are a few outcomes you can achieve when you join a martial art.

Everything we do in our daily lives has a special way to move. Whether you are painting a picture, typing on a keyboard, or walking down the street, we all find ways that work best for us to move. Our goal is to get moving in a way that will protect ourselves and enjoy the process while we train. 

“If you do something and it saves your life, it was good taijutsu. In a real fight, you aren’t worried about what’s pretty.”

––Masaaki Hatsumi

Martial Arts Durham
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start?

Send a message or give us a call and start with your 2 free lessons. We will discuss your goals and what classes fit your needs. 

How Many Classes per week do you offer?

Currently due to Covid our class schedule is up to the availability in each group. Generally the beginner class run once per week, with adult classes running up to 3 times per week.

Who can train?

Martial Arts Durham is currently offering classes to ages 12 and up. If you have an injury or disability we can discuss if we can still train in a safe environment.

How much do classes cost?

During Covid we are doing a pay-as-you-go option $15 per class or 10 classes for $100 and save 33%. Normally, The beginners group class is $200 that will take about 6 months to complete. Other group classes are $15 each or $100 per month for unlimited classes. 

Where are classes held?

Classes are held at Lakeview park in Oshawa. Training at a park, although isn’t conventional, keeps costs low, and allows us to be outside  after being stuck in lockdowns for the last year.

What are the rules?

Ninjutsu isn’t a sport martial art, there are no competitions. We practice many different forms of self defence that wouldn’t be conducive to a competition setting. So, as long as it works, we consider it a success. 

Get Started Today

Call at 905.244.5499 or message below to get your 2 free lessons.

What Martial Art is Best?

There is no right or wrong martial art to be training in. Karate, Aikido, MMA, are all martial arts that can be found in Oshawa and Durham Region. They are very powerful and you need to find the right one for you. Ninjutsu focuses on natural body movement and protection above all else, including running away if needed. We aren’t super heros.

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Young kids learning Martial Arts

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3 reasons to train

3 reasons to train

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Kids class 6pm-7pm

Adult class 7pm-8:30pm


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