Here’s a Test:

Stand with your feet together,  your legs straight, and try to touch your feet with your hands.

Is it tense? Can’t go lower than your calves? Wel it’s simple. You are just a little “rusty.” 

As a child? Moving was easier. You were probably more flexible, and more active, but over the years you started to lose those qualities. You stopped working on it, moving so much or maybe you got a job working in an office, sitting at a desk all day.

We are going to explain the importance of working on your flexibility today, and tomorrow.

What’s so special about stretching: 

When you work on your felxibility, it should be done regularily, especially after exercise. Go to the gym for weight training? Stretch. Finish a run? Stretch. You get the idea.

Stretching is crusial in many activities such as:

  • martial arts
  • yoga
  • pilates
  • gymnastics
  • dance
  • hockey
  • etc…

Despite the fact that everyone knows about stretching, there are a lot of misconceptions about it, and quite frankly, it is often ignored.

Some of the fantastic benefits of stretching are:

  • reconnect with areas of your body that have been forgotten
  • stress relief
  • prevention of joint and muscle pain
  • calm your mind

Several studies have shown that even a few minutes can increase your movment around joins and reduce muscle stiffness as well as reduce the risk of micro trauma.
(Anthony Kay (lecturer in biomechanics of sport and exercise at the University of Northampton)

As mentioned, after any workout, it is of course important to stretch any muscle groups that were worked on, and then the while body that allows for better recovery and blood flow. What is less known is that “active stretching” can be useful when warming up, as they prepare the muscles for the exercise and reduce the risk of injury.


Long-term Results

Whatever your age, it’s never too late to protect your body and especially your joints.

The lack or complete absence of stretching will lead to muscle tension causing imbalances that will cause wear and tear on your body. A lot of time this will show in back pain, hip pain or foot pain.

However, you can always gain flexibility no matter how old, your joints will not regenerate.

Wear is irriversible.

In short, Stretch!

Safety points:

Never force it. Pain is a way for your body to tell you your limits. When going into any stretch, move slowly until you feel tension but not pain. If you find you cannot do a particular stretch, adapt it in any way that makes you feel comfortable.

Breath Deeply. When stretching slow, deep, and consistent breaths are key. Each breath you should be able to go more deeply into the movement.

No need to bounce. A lot of people bounce once they hit their maximum in hope to extend it. This one goes back to listening to your body. If you are at your maximum stretch, and bounce further than that you could hurt yourself.

Everyone has personal preferences, these are guidlines, no hard rules.

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