Martial arts durham kicking person

1. I’m Tired

The biggest excuse to not practice is the famous “I’m tired.” 

You might have had a long day at work, watched too much tv, stayed in bed all day, or whatever the reason, it’s all the same. You think about it, but decide at the end to stay home. Everyone struggles with this one, but there is a secret.

When you decide you shouldn’t go, those are the most important days to go.

Sounds kind of weird right? But want to feel better after a long or bad day at work? Surround yourself with people you like, doing an activity that you enjoy, while learning something fun. And besides, the class you decide to skip will always be the one that you practice your favourite things. It isn’t on purpose, but it always happens.

2. I’m Hungry

This one is a tougher one of the excuses not to practice. You like to eat, I like to eat, we all like to eat, but having time to cook a good meal isn’t always on the table (pun intended). It can be hard to wait until later in the night to eat if you don’t have the time. So I wanted to offer a couple of solutions.

 You can cook some extra leftovers the day before, or if you can, cook on the weekend and freeze some and let thaw in the fridge the night before. Sometimes a quick snack can keep you full enough until classes are done, but if you have any questions I love to cook so feel free to send me a message.

3. I’ll go tomorrow

The “I’ll go tomorrow” is an excuse to not train that is used in a lot of ways. The truth is though if you really want to do something, you will find the time to do it. For example, if you find a new show you love on Netflix, odds are you will find a bit of time (or a lot) each day to watch it, the same goes for training. It is important to stay consistent to build good habits.

My grandmother always said “Don’t put off to tomorrow, what you can do today.”

And she was right. It’s a slippery slope, you decide to skip one day, one turns to 2, and then you decide to stop training altogether. 


Make sure to stay consistent, and know that if you truly want to train in martial arts it will take some dedication. That doesn’t mean it won’t be fun though, like I said, the goal is to find a dojo that you like the people, the art and the lessons they have. It’s really important to stay dedicated and not just motivated.



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