Kids Learning Martial Arts

There are a lot of questions around when should a child start learning their first martial art? What should they learn? And what if they get hurt? so we will quickly dive into the question: should my kids be learning martial arts?

When should kids begin learning a martial art?

Kids learning a martial art can really start any time. It’s less about learning every step and every movement perfectly, and more of a focus on moving and building a healthy lifestyle. In our classes we play a large variety of games and exercises that will start the foundation when they move to a higher age group class.

Students learn to work as a team both in pairs and large groups, as well as how to control their emotions when things aren’t going the way they want.

What if my child gets hurt?

The first thing we discuss before doing any striking or hitting of any kind is discuss how to do it safely. Before doing any hitting, we will focus on safe ways to fall and roll that are how we protect ourselves from a lot of injury. We will be learning about how to tolerate more and grow as an individual while they are in control completely.

Learning in a controlled environment is how we avoid injury.


Kids in the lower ages won’t be doing anything that would be considered dangerous. So if you are looking for a good exercise for your children that might even help them keep a more calm mind, then consider signing them up for a martial art!



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