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Martial Arts Durham serves our community by helping build people giving them the power and confidence to tackle any situation.

Our Dojo

Robert Biggar has been a Ninjutsu practitioner for over 5 years, with a focus on taijutsu (unarmed combat), modern weapons and meditation. He volunteers at the Toronto Zoo educating all age groups on the environment and learns about the world we live in. Robert also will be training with Distress Centre Durham to work with their crisis hotline. He has been focusing on the mental side of the martial art with meditation and yoga in conjunction with his regular training.


“After starting my journey, I found the confidence training in a martial art could give me, it opened me up to a community I didn’t know existed and made lifelong friends. These are just a few ways I built my “self,” and I am hoping that you can find new ways to build your new “self” too.”

Courage to Begin

The biggest struggle most people face is taking the first step into a new experience. Overcoming that fear or anxiety in itself is a huge step. I’m hoping we can open a line of communication and learn together.

Always Learning

Ninjutsu is a journey for me as well, and I have my own teacher (sensei). Frank Hill has been training in Japan under the Grandmaster for the past 35 years and has concurrently trained in numerous other martial arts. Frank is a retired Paramedic, Security Manager, and Certified Protection Officer. He has worked with law enforcement, military, security specialists, and conducted seminars, lectures, and workshops globally. He also teaches Rape Prevention and Child Street-proofing. His Dojo is located in Millbrook near Peterborough.



Kids class 6pm-7pm

Adult class 7pm-8:30pm


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137 Farewell St, Knights of Columbus Park, Oshawa