Young kids learning Martial Arts

Young kids learning Martial Arts

Kids Learning Martial Arts There are a lot of questions around when should a child start learning their first martial art? What should they learn? And what if they get hurt? so we will quickly dive into the question: should my kids be learning martial arts? When...

3 reasons to train

3 reasons to train

1. To be better. This reason to practice is all about the growth mindset. Any martial art will offer a lifetime of skills to learn and explore. Personally I chose Ninjutsu because it isn't just throws, hand-to-hand or ground work. there is absolutely nothing wrong...

3 Excuses to not practice

1. I'm Tired The biggest excuse to not practice is the famous "I'm tired."  You might have had a long day at work, watched too much tv, stayed in bed all day, or whatever the reason, it's all the same. You think about it, but decide at the end to stay home. Everyone...

The Learning Zones: Panic, Discovery, Comfort

Comfort In your Comfort zone, you are familiar. You are familiar with your habits; you know your preferences. There is no mental or physical challenge. In everyday life, being in your comfort zone can affect your life in a few ways. You might always order the same...

Flexibility: The Keys to success

Here's a Test: Stand with your feet together,  your legs straight, and try to touch your feet with your hands. Is it tense? Can't go lower than your calves? Wel it's simple. You are just a little "rusty."  As a child? Moving was easier. You were probably more...

Fitness benefits of martial arts

Healthy Lifestyle We all want to eat better, do our daily yoga (maybe), and feel confident in our own bodies. Honestly, it is easier said than done. Martial arts can give you a frame work to build good habits.We are moving a lot in class, we focus a lot on stretching...

What is Ninjutsu?

Brief History of Ninjutsu Ninjutsu or Ninpo is a Japanese martial art very different from the modern sports martial arts. Ninjutsu was practiced by the ninja (shinobi) during feudal Japan and the techniques were often passed down within families. These warriors...



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