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COVID-19 Program

During Covid-19 Our prices have changed, but our classes are the same. We still focus on all the foundational skills that we can use in the real world, but we are holding classes outside and are being sold in batches of lessons instead of a monthly fee. This is due to lockdowns as we don’t know when we will be allowed to operate classes, but the pre-bought packages will be there whenever we are open.

Save 33% with $100 for 10 classes with no yearly registration fee or $15 drop-in.

Beginner Program

Our beginner program takes approximately 6 months to complete. Our goal is to complete the first 2 levels of our leveling system. This includes movement skills, striking, and how to fall safely. These are the foundation skills that we will use in each class after the beginner class is finished.

Costs $200 with a $20 yearly registration fee.

Kids Program

All for fun, in the kids program we teach movement, some basic strikes, and play a lot of games. We are building the foundation here, but do not neccesarily expect the young ones to remember every detail. Normally ages 4-8.

Costs $100 per month with a $20 yearly registration fee. Discounts for yearly payments are available.

Adult Program

Our Adult calss takes students 18+ and expands on the skills that we start in the beginner class. These include throws, weapon work, and a variety of movements and self-defense techniques.

Costs $100 per month with a $20 yearly registration fee. Discounts for yearly payments are available.

“Self” Building program

Our “self” building classes are open to everyone, these will be times generally before existing classes where students can exercise, learn proper stretching techniques, meditation practice, and get extra attention with a teacher if needed.

Included for free in all programs.

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